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"I'm about as tall as a shotgun, but just as loud." -Truman Capote

    1054 hours.

    Woke up and it was all of me that felt heavy,

    As if every pore in my skin sunk in deeper,

    Can’t even say, that for this, I wasn’t ready,

    Could’ve been a better way, but you went with the cheaper.

    3 years, flew by, and now they’ve flown away,

    Memories that were destined to be lost,

    So it starts, time is slower, longer nights, longer days,

    And it was my heart, not yours, that was cost.

    — 14 hours ago
    Found an old pic of my baby brother, Faiz, and Maggy :3

    Found an old pic of my baby brother, Faiz, and Maggy :3

    — 1 day ago
    Game. (at Frangipani Restaurant & Bar)

    Game. (at Frangipani Restaurant & Bar)

    — 1 day ago with 1 note
    1610 hours.

    I don’t feel the same anymore,

    And it’s not that I don’t love you,

    But being around is like this chore,

    Is this really what it has come to?

    Not like effort was not put in,

    More like wasted; Wasted youth,

    No more wondering how each has been,

    It sounds painful, but it’s the truth.

    Don’t know where to place my footing,

    Hands now awkward when they touch,

    And we stare, we’re constantly looking,

    For the answer, if there is such.

    Bur right now it’s underwhelming,

    Almost like how hopelessness takes on,

    Like the back of my head keeps asking,

    Is this,us, really gone?

    — 2 days ago with 1 note


    — 3 days ago