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"I'm about as tall as a shotgun, but just as loud." -Truman Capote

    2349 hours.

    Is it just me, or does it seem like every time you have faith in the world, it double-backs to show you that it was playing just you? Growing up, I lost out to girls who were skinnier, prettier, and fairer. I felt mediocre. But then when I got myself a job that I was actually happy about, it reminded me that all of those insecurities I felt, were silly, because God gave me talent when I came into the world, and that talent was showing. I’ve just managed to have a little more faith in myself when the world decides to remind me, “HEY LOOK, YOU WEREN’T PRETTY, TALL, OR SKINNY ENOUGH FOR THIS JOB” - Ouch. I dare say that I could’ve done better, because personality is something that you have, or don’t have. And I’m tired of losing out to girls who are mediocre in that division, just because I am mediocre in the beauty department.

    Or is it really just me though?

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    Mmm dessert.

    Mmm dessert.

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    Photographer Translates His Nightmares Into Surreal, Haunting Photographs

    by 19-year-old photographer Nicolas Bruno

    I am in LOVE with these.

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Japanese catholic high school girl look. Kawaii? #ootd #diva #vincci #topshop (at MIX fm Magic Room)


    Japanese catholic high school girl look. Kawaii? #ootd #diva #vincci #topshop (at MIX fm Magic Room)

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    1722 hours - Letters to the dead.

    I miss you, remember those polaroid pictures? Your mum thought we were drunk and you blamed me for putting them out. It was you who stuck them on the notice board, silly. I can’t talk right now, and I know you can’t either, but we don’t have to anymore - You’re happy and so am I. Guess I’ll see you again one day; Or not. Don’t say who cares, cos I still do.

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    2040 hours.

    It’s okay if you don’t love me,

    the way you used to love someone else,

    It’s okay if it’s not the same,

    And if conversations always end with yells.

    It’s okay if you think less of this,

    And the way it makes me feel,

    It’s okay because I understand,

    Let’s not pretend and just be real.

    It’s okay that sometimes you let go on me,

    What’s new? I never cared,

    Because all this while you were with me,

    We never questioned, never dared.

    But when you make it apparent that you can’t do the same,

    For me when I break down,

    Then maybe it should not be ” it’s all okay”,

    Maybe I should leave town.

    Because sometimes girls are worth the try,

    And it goes for some boys too,

    And I know you constantly ask yourself why,

    But for me, it was always you.

    What you don’t understand is why I feel this way,

    Why it hurts, why it makes you cringe,

    Maybe I was meant for just that one day,

    The mere thought of it makes me whinge.

    I’m tired, you’re right, if I cannot deal,

    I should probably leave you alone,

    It only adds on to the way I feel,

    Leaves me numb, I don’t care, untoned.

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    Spot the weenie 😏😏😏 (at Borneo Ink Tattoo)

    Spot the weenie 😏😏😏 (at Borneo Ink Tattoo)

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